High Blood Pressure Diet | The 21 Best Foods to Lower Blood Pressure

If you were diagnosed with hypertension, one of the things your doctor probably mentioned was a change in your diet. It is necessary, especially if you are used to eating salty foods. In some cases, people with heart conditions or a genetic predisposition for high blood pressure may also require changing their diet.

But a perfect diet to lower blood pressure is not only about taking out salty foods. That’s an important part, but not the only one. You should also eat healthy foods instead, especially those that contribute to lowering blood pressure levels.

Keep in mind that changing your diet is only a part of the treatment. Eating these foods does not replace your current medication. Ask your doctor if you still have any doubts and consider the best treatment options according to your particular case.

Your doctor will probably agree that these foods will be helpful to manage high blood pressure:

1. Mango

Hypertension and blood sugar are different, and if your doctor considers mango as a suitable option to eat, this sweet fruit can help you reduce blood pressure as well. It is a sweet treat with many nutrients, dietary fiber, and tons of beta-carotenes that give the pulp its characteristic color.

Beta-carotenes in mango can potentially lower blood pressure levels, and you can eat them raw or blended in a smoothie. Sorbets make up an excellent option, and there are plenty of tasty recipes you can try.