Pain is a universal symptom, experienced by everybody in any part of our lives. It is also a useful sign to figure out the source of a given disease. In LEFT SIDE PAINS we are following a new initiative to bring you all the tools you need to understand and know what to do with your pain symptoms. Whether you’re feeling soreness, discomfort, a dull ache, or an unbearable source of pain, will help you solve your problems by providing you a guide about the possible diagnosis your doctor would think about if you tell him about your pain.

Sometimes pain becomes a confusing symptom, especially when it appears and disappears, when it is not precisely located in only one area but feels diffused and difficult to pinpoint, when it constantly changes throughout a single day, and when it appears as a part of other symptoms with no apparent connection. This is why there are complete books and very long courses in the medical field to understand the pain and provide a straightforward solution to it. However, you don’t need to complete a course in medical school to understand the source of pain and have a general idea about what is happening to your body.

More than a bothering symptom, pain is essential to the survival of the human species because it is an indicator that something is not quite alright in our bodies. It is a valuable tool for doctors, and this is why sometimes they only decide to relieve pain when they already have a precise diagnosis.

Understanding pain may be complex, though. There are several types of pain, some of them are localized pain while others are referred pain traveling along the same lines and masking themselves by appearing in distant areas of the body. Therefore, figuring out what causes you pain might be a challenging task sometimes. In LEFT SIDE PAINS, we make it easier for you to identify the source of your pain based on its location.

In LEFT SIDE PAINS, you will find a list with your body parts so you can choose among them and do a specific search for your symptoms. You will be able to see the various health problems associated with painful symptoms in that area and the type, extension, pattern, and severity of pain in each case. Pain is a very complex symptom, and you will be able to reach a diagnosis yourself only if you take into consideration all of its characteristics.

Our primary goal is to provide relevant and accurate medical information that allows you to find more relevant medical attention from day one. Sometimes, a source of discomfort and pain does not need urgent medical care, but in some cases, we need to look for immediate assistance, even if the pain symptoms do not appear to be life-threatening. Information is the key to understand the difference and know what to do and how to proceed, and LEFT SIDE PAINS will be useful to you by providing a thorough list of diagnosis for each pain location along with several characteristics that will make it easier for you to understand the difference between a mild and a life-threatening condition. does not intend to replace the opinion of a physician, and it only provides a guide for patients to understand their symptoms and look for appropriate medical advice more quickly. In a doctor’s office, a health professional will perform a physical exam, run lab test when necessary, and ask various questions about your current health, your medical records, and data about your family. Pain is only a part of the analysis, and only by taking all of this data into consideration your physician will be able to reach a definite diagnosis and start appropriate treatment.

The contents in LEFT SIDE PAINS are researched and carefully written by various health professionals. We only retrieve data from the latest medical journals and the most recent updates of medical books to provide up-to-date and relevant information to the reader. By providing useful, reliable, and meaningful information, it is our goal to become your site of reference every time you try to understand your symptoms and obtain the answer to your medical questions.

Pain is the most significant symptom in medicine, one that often makes up the most critical part of the diagnosis. Therefore, you have the most important clue to know what’s happening to your body, all you need is careful guidance to understand your body and know what to expect.