Foods Rich in Potassium | Top Potassium-Rich Foods List

6. Tomato

Whether you consider them a fruit or a vegetable they don’t come short in anyway you use them .they are extremely delicious and full of varieties to suit any meal you’re making you can even put them in juices or on salads or in sauces or soups, on sandwiches or just enjoy them raw as they are just Devine. Not only do they take your dishes to the next level they are fascinatingly full of nutrients they are full of potassium with 237 mg in 100 grams of fresh red tomatoes equal to 6% of your daily recommendations they are also a major source of antioxidant lycopene in its red pigment that is known to be very beneficial for your health it is also full of important vitamins C and K and folate so it is good for your heart’s health and your skin but it is best to enjoy fresh ones rather than eat processed canned ones as they may have a higher sugar content .