Lower Back Pain | Types, Causes, Treatment Options & More

Lower back pain causes in female

There are various reasons due to which Lower back pain can occur. The reasons for pregnant ladies are:

Sitting for a long time

There is an important need to take care of a pregnant woman so that they do not face any problem. Lower back pain can occur in pregnant ladies is due to sitting for a very long period.

Standing for a long period

As sitting for too long is not good, standing for too long is also not good for pregnant ladies. Standing for too long can cause lower back pain which is very dangerous.

Lifting weights

Everyone is aware of this, as lifting weights is not suitable for pregnant ladies. This can not only cause them back pain but other problem too.

Bend on the front side

Make sure that a pregnant lady does not bend in the forward direction. Bending forward can stretch their hips which can cause lower back pain.

Some other reason which is common for all the women are:


It is a very common cause of back pain. Over time aging happens and the body becomes very week. Due to weakness in the body is increasing therefore the most common problem happens that is lower back pain. And it mostly happens with females more than men.

Working on the computer for a long time

When you work on a computer for a very long time sitting in the chair. It causes back pain as you can yourself notice that when you work for a very long time and after finishing the work when you stand up you can feel back pain.

Doing something you don’t like

When you regularly do something which you do not like then it causes laziness in you and as a result, you will go through back pain

All these were some causes of back pain in the female. So, make sure you don’t do any of these to be safe from back pain.