Lower Back Pain | Types, Causes, Treatment Options & More

This is a kind of pain that occurs in the lower back of humans. In scientific terms, it is also known as ‘Lumbago’. This is a very common type of pain that can happen to anybody. The lower portion of the spine is affected due to this pain. There are more than 10 million cases can be seen of Lower back pain in a year. This is usually self-treatable, self-diagnosable, Etc.

It generally happens with almost 80% of the people during their lifetime.

Types of Lower Back Pain

The lower back pain is of various types. The classification is done generally based on the duration of the pain.

➥ Acute lower back pain

This a short-term pain that lasts for a small period. This type of back pain generally lasts for less than 12 weeks.

Chronic lower back pain

This is severe pain which lasts for a long period can it takes a long process to cure this pain. In this type of back pain, it lasts for more than 12 weeks.

There is another type of classification is done based on the causes of lower back pain. These are:


Under the nonspecific type of Lower back pain, the reason for the pain is not determined. There can any reason due to which there is a pain in the lower back.


Under the specific type of lower back pain, the reason is clear due to which you are suffering from lower back pain. These reasons can be Infection, cancer, fracture Etc.

Now the other types are in scientific or medical terms of Back pain:

Mechanical low back pain

This type of pain occurs due to strain, wrong positions, Etc. It generally gives a signal in advance that you need to rest for some time and because so that you can cure this pain as soon as possible. This pain occurs around the waist area. This pain remains for 3-4 days. These were some signs of Mechanical Low Back pain.

Sacroiliac Joint dysfunction

In this type of Back pain, this occurs due to the Wrong Posture, Weakness in the muscles. It occurs due to Puffiness and inflammation in the Sacroiliac joint above the hips. The difference is the mechanical low back pain occurs in the center whereas Sacroiliac joint dysfunction occurs inside of the hips and thigh area.

Lordosis, Kyphosis, scoliosis

It happens due to changes in the spinal part. It is also known as Normal spinal curvature. Due to wrong postures or birth defects there comes changes in the normal curvature.

Prolapsed Intervertebral disc

In normal terms, it is also called a slip disc problem. It generally occurs due to Unnecessary pressure, fluid leakage, Decrease the gap between bones. It takes a very long process to cure this type of pain.

Lumbar Spondylosis

This is a very long pain that remains for Months regularly. It happens in cervical as well as in lumbar.


It is a very common problem which happens with most of the people. It happens due to disc degeneration, Decrease thickness, Etc.

Lumbar canal stenosis

It occurs due to an increase in the pressure on the spinal cord. It can be due to various reasons like doing some hard work or lifting something etc.


It can occur due to injury in the lower back or can happen also because of Ageing.

Ankylosing spondylitis

It is due to inflammation in the body. The very common sign in this problem is that the Hips region becomes very hard to you cannot move.

These were the types of Lower Back Pain; you can evaluate between all of these and can find which one is happening with you. So, you can treat this accordingly.