Lower Back Pain | Types, Causes, Treatment Options & More

Lower right back pain

This is the pain that occurs on the right side of the lower back. The reasons for pain in the right side is different from that of left side pain.

The right side of the back pain can be affected due to mechanical problems. It can relate to the Spinal cord of the back.

Mechanical problems in the spine

Mechanical problems are related to the spine on the backside and the pain generally occurs due to disc. This is a very common problem and the remedy available for this pain is also very simple.


It can also cause muscle stiffness. This is very easily curable with the help of hot water therapy. And if there is puffiness in the muscles it can be cured with the help of Cold-water therapy.

Other problems

Various other causes can cause pain on the right side of the lower back. These reasons are discussed further in the article.

These were some causes of lower right back pain and also some remedies available.