Lower Back Pain | Types, Causes, Treatment Options & More

Lower back pain causes in male

There are various reasons why there can be a pain in the lower back. Let us take a look at the reasons.

Hard exercises

The most common reason for men for lower back pain is doing very hard exercises. Whenever they change exercise or do back exercises, it generally causes Lower back pain.

Cancer of the spinal cord

This is also another reason. Cancer in the spinal cord can cause lower back pain. It generally occurs inside the spinal column.


It is an advanced rectal cancer with major neural involvement by the tumor. This can also cause back pain.


Arthritis is mainly not a single disease but a joint disease. Due to arthritis back pain can occur.

Kidney infections

As the kidney is related to back so infection in the kidney can cause back pain. Infections can affect the whole-body causing pain.

Infections of the spine

Back pain is directly related to the spine of the body. So, when infections occur in the spine this will directly result in Back pain.

A ruptured or herniated disc

We have discussed it already in the article about the disc. This is also another reason for Back pain.

All these are some reasons which can cause back pain in men. You need to keep them in mind to prevent back pain.