Keto Diet Foods List | 17 Best Healthy Foods For The Keto Diet


Cheese is a great invention of humans. Cheese is delicious, versatile and adds a lot of taste to any plate. With different cheese shapes and tastes making indulgence is a must. Luckily, cheese is mostly keto-friendly food due to its high content of fat, and low carb. Although cheese is high in saturated fat, scientists could not find any relation between eating cheese and developing cardiac problems. But this does not mean that every keto dieter can eat cheese, some individuals can have cheese with no problem, but for others, eating cheese causes gastrointestinal disturbances due to the lactose content of cheese which may be intolerable to some. So, if your weight stall, try to remove the cheese from your diet to accelerate your weight loss.

Not all cheeses are equal, generally, hard cheese may be better to consume on a keto diet more than soft cheese due to the high content of lactose in the latter, as in cottage and ricotta cheese.