Orthopedics | All You Need to Know About Orthopedics

Then when shall I see an orthopedist?

Bone diseases are usually expressed by some symptoms that should stimulate you to seek medical attention. Bone pain is the major symptom that drives patients to pay a visit to an orthopedist. Patients with acute infection or inflammation often complain of unendurable bone ache that interferes with their daily activities. Bone pain with an acute onset may be accompanied by swelling and tenderness over the affected bone as a result of inflammatory response.

Chronic diseases as rheumatoid (RA) arthritis may also be presented with pain-causing limitation of movement. Morning joint stiffness is a characteristic symptom that directs orthopedists to suspect RA. If you noticed recurrent bone fractures even from the slightest injuries you might be experiencing calcium/vitamin deficiency and need to see an orthopedist to assess your condition. The growth of an abnormal lump over the joint may be a sign of underlying disease even if it doesn’t cause any pain.