Orthopedics | All You Need to Know About Orthopedics

3. Spinal deformity

Spinal deformity is a medical condition including abnormal alignment and curves of the vertebral column in which the vertebra needs a surgical adjustment to be positioned in its proper state. Spinal deformity may be congenital or acquired. Kyphosis which is the forward curvature of the spinal column to be in a semi-bending position is the most common form of spinal deformity. People using their personal computers for much time or having a sedentary lifestyle are more susceptible to developing kyphosis. Mild kyphosis can only be corrected by eliminating the causative factors and physiotherapy sessions while patients with a severe form of kyphosis are elected to get orthopedic surgery.

Scoliosis is a form of spinal deformity in which the vertebral column has a sideways curvature to appear as s or c shaped. Scoliosis could be developed by maintaining improper sitting position for long periods, yet it is more often to be caused due to hereditary factors as it runs in families scoliosis causes limitation of trunk movement and may be presented with pain if the nerve root is compressed. Orthopedists usually recommend specific chiropractic sessions, exercising, and regular follow-up visits for patients with mild scoliosis. The complicated and severe form of scoliosis is preferred to be corrected surgically in an operation called spinal fusion in which the curved vertebra are simply readjusted and fused together.