Magnesium Deficiency; 10 Warning Signs & Symptoms

Muscle weakness

As noted earlier, magnesium is associated with a normal function in the muscle tissue. In the neuromuscular junction, magnesium deficiency causes an overexcitement of the nerve cells and muscle cramps. However, in the muscle itself, magnesium deficiency is apparently linked with a reduction of potassium inside the muscle fibers, and this causes muscle weakness.

There’s also a muscle weakness syndrome associated with magnesium deficiency called myasthenia, and studies show that serious deficiency problems and associated muscle weakness may even lead to a syndrome called Sudden Infant Death in infants sleeping on their stomach. However, we should not be led to think that all types of muscle weakness require supplementation with magnesium. There are plenty of reasons behind this symptom, and your individual condition should be assessed by a professional before starting a therapeutic program.