Magnesium Deficiency; 10 Warning Signs & Symptoms

Digestion problems

Magnesium is strongly associated with a healthy intestinal function, and deficiency problems cause a series of digestive issues. Magnesium is essential to relax the muscles in the outer lining of the intestines, and it is an important laxative because it improves intestinal transit.

Some studies also show that magnesium deficiency may be associated with an increased level of inflammatory markers and may be one of the causes of inflammatory bowel disease. Thus, if you have constipation, nutrient absorption problems, inflammatory bowel disease, or abdominal cramps, you may want to consider magnesium deficiency as one of the possibilities. Of course, each one of them has a series of causes of their own, and only a specialist with a series of blood tests and a thorough physical exam would be able to tell you how to improve your symptoms.