10 Kidney Stones Warning Signs; Kidney Stones Symptoms

9- Cloudy urine

Instead of blood in the urine, patients may describe cloudy urine, which is common whenever kidney stones cause an infection to the kidneys or any other part of the urinary tract. Urinary tract infections resulting from kidney stones usually affect the kidneys or the bladder, but might also affect the ureters and urethra.

In some cases, cloudy urine is caused by sexually transmitted diseases instead of kidney stones, which is the reason why we should not take it for granted and may need the opinion from a professional.

Cloudy urine is often called pyuria, and it results from a high concentration of white blood cells in the urine. These white cells migrate to the urinary tract when there’s a bacterial growth, mixes with urine as it is expelled out of the body, and may give the appearance of milky or whitish urine. Similar to hematuria, there are different grades of pyuria depending on the severity of the underlying infection.