10 Kidney Stones Warning Signs; Kidney Stones Symptoms

8- Blood in the urine

Blood in the urine is commonly called hematuria by physicians. It is considered to be both a sign and a symptom. It is a symptom when reported by the patient and not visible by the doctor or lab report. When it is measured by any observational means, hematuria becomes a very important symptom to diagnose kidney stones.

Sometimes, having hematuria along with back pain and a burning sensation to urinate is the only thing a clinician needs to diagnose kidney stones. However, there are several differential diagnoses to rule out, and you should not raise any conclusion without consulting a healthcare professional.

Hematuria might be divided into several grades depending on how much blood is seen in the urine. It is often a minimal amount that changes the colouration of urine to a reddish colour. Excessive hematuria should be studied carefully because it may signal a more serious issue.