10 Kidney Stones Warning Signs; Kidney Stones Symptoms

3- Painful urination

Pain symptoms may become even worse during urination, but this type of pain is different, often described as a burning sensation, and similar to that we feel during urinary tract infections. This pain is located in the urethra and limited to the time patients urinate.

Painful urination might be caused by a kidney stone going down into the urethra, but may also be triggered by a urinary tract infection, which is a common problem in kidney stones. This symptom is called dysuria, and it is often felt as sharp pain or burning sensation going through your urethra. Different to the pain you may feel in your back and going down to your groin, this burning during urination is very localised in a specific location because this area has more specialised sensitivity compared to the higher urinary tract.

Patients are often misled when they only feel pain or burning when urinating. They may think they have a urinary tract infection instead of kidney stones. However, in many cases, both health problems may coexist in the same patient.