10 Kidney Stones Warning Signs; Kidney Stones Symptoms

2- Leg Pain

As a part of the pain symptoms, patients often describe pain in the corresponding leg to their back pain. Sometimes, leg pain feels like a reflection or radiation from back or groin pain, but in many other cases, it appears to be a separate symptom.

Leg pain caused by kidney stones is also explained by the same reasons stated above. This type of pain is often dull and poorly located because it comes from a single neuron following a very long trajectory. When there’s an injury at any level of this trajectory, the pain symptoms are triggered, and the brain interprets pain in the whole trajectory of the nerve. However, in many cases, pain located in the groin, testicles or legs may indicate that the kidney stones are lower in the urinary tract.

In many cases, leg pain can be severe enough to cause mobility issues. Patients become unable to walk properly, and do so without supporting themselves on the affected leg. In other cases, there’s no leg pain at all or a very mild discomfort that’s poorly localized.