What Causes Pain In Lower Left Abdomen?

9) Constipation

Constipation or the “sluggish bowel” occurs when an individual cannot pass out a stool. This problem affects a lot of people and it happens due to lack of an exercise as well as poor diet. Moreover, constipation is a result of taking the opiates like codeine and morphine or some medications, insufficient consumption of the fiber and inadequate hydration.

According to statistics, about every 9th individual have issues with an irregular movement of bowel. It is very important to heal constipation. This is not only due to the reason that annoying pain which appears in the lower left abdomen but also because waste products should not be retained too long into the body and must excrete out as early as possible. There are a lot of ways for curing oneself of constipation. Increasing exercise and improvements in a diet are effective treatments for constipation. Various signs of constipation include straining during passing stool, a lumpy stool which is painful to pass out, fewer bowel movements in one week, the pressure required to lower abdomen for pushing out stool.