What Causes Pain In Lower Left Abdomen?

11) Intestine obstruction

The bowel obstruction happens when food is not passed through a digestive tract which results in a painful backup. Hence the digestion process does not proceed towards completion. The intestine or bowel obstructions are common into old age people and are typically linked with a number of conditions like colon cancer or diverticulitis (all causes lower left abdomen pain). The intestine or bowel obstructions stem from various other factors as well such as a hernia, incarceration, bowel tissue, that are a result of the previous infections and the surgery in an abdominal cavity.

In some cases, a passage of the food by intestine interferes with the neoplasms like carcinoid or colon cancer. Sometimes a portion of healthy intestine skews or twists which is called Volvulus. However, there are very rare cases where a cause of the bowel obstruction is the complete or partial blockage because of non-digestible materials like keys or coins which a patient accidentally swallowed.