What Causes Pain In Lower Left Abdomen?

12) Kidney stones

The common pain causes in a lower left abdomen are the tumors and cysts. These only cause pain until or unless they become larger than four to five centimeters in diameter. Mostly, stones are developed by the accumulation of calcium and it may happen in either right or left kidney which causes severe pain due to blocking the area of urine.

However, it is the most common thing that tumors and cysts are malignant and revealed accidentally in an ultrasound process of the abdominal cavity or through an immediate pain in a lower left side of an abdominal. Yet the stone or tumor may also develop on the right side of the kidney as well. Most common symptoms of kidney stones include the pain in the lower left or right abdomen, vomiting or nausea, fever, pain during urination and blood into the urine.

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