Foods To Include In Your Diet To Treat Knee Pain

10. Dairy

When it comes to dairy, there is conflicting discussion as it was found in old research that dairy is related to higher rates of inflammation but lately in recent years the research has been shifting more towards its anti-inflammatory qualities . When it comes to dairy there are multitude of varieties in dairy products from yogurts and fat free milk , soy milk to almond and peanut milk which are very beneficial and healthy alternatives to the full fat milk which is related to more inflammation induction . dairy and its great content of vitamin D and calcium, which are essential for bone formation and strength, makes it essential for daily use. Yogurt specifically has been shown to possess anti-inflammatory powers from the probiotics it contains so it isn’t only good for your gut microbiome and in making your insulin resistance and diabetes control better, but they are also good for your joint inflammation.

Foods to avoid in arthritis

Generally speaking, if you suffer from arthritis, it is advisable  to stay away from added sugars, processed food especially red meats, gluten containing food, alcohol and salty food, as they increase your inflammation and raise your CRP and IL6 levels, making your symptoms worse.

In conclusion,  lifestyle modifications , weight loss , smoking cessation and a good healthy diet makes it easier to manage your joint pain and swelling and reduce your joint inflammation for longer.