10 Ways to Get Relief From Knee Pain Naturally

2. Heat and cold therapy

Heat and cold have a natural anti-inflammatory effect. Heat relaxes your muscles, improves lubrication, eases stiffness, and encourages blood flow. Cold reduces pain, swelling, and inflammation. Apply heat and cold alternatively. Use heat to warm up your knee and reduce stiffness in the morning to improve your mobility throughout the day. You can do heat therapy with a warm shower or bath and a warm pad.

At the end of the day, if your knee becomes inflamed, painful, and swollen, use ice to relieve it. Also, apply cold to your joint in the first two days after injuries. You can gain cold therapy by wrapping ice in cloth. Remember that don’t apply ice directly to your skin.

Either heat or cold, don’t apply them for more than 20 minutes per time. Check the hotness of hot items before using them, especially for older people and those who can’t communicate well.