Shoulder Pain When Lifting The Arm | Causes & Treatment Options

Lifestyle changes you can implement to reduce pain

  • Make sure you’re in good physical shape but be careful when lifting heavy weights or doing shoulder exercises.
  • Take regular breaks if you’re constantly doing overhead handwork as a part of your job.
  • If you’re working at a desk, make sure you’re not doing anything that puts pressure on your shoulder. Use an ergonomic desk and chair. Adjust them, so you don’t have to raise your hands to reach the keyboard.
  • Try using a standing desk. If you’re using a computer all day, you’ll see the benefit in using one of those electric desks you can change heights to alternate between standing and sitting.
  • Stretch regularly. Sometimes muscle tension contributes to shoulder pain. So, do some stretchings every once in a while and listen to your doctor’s advice on this because sometimes it is better to leave your shoulder immobilized for a day or two.
  • Get help from employers or coworkers if you’re constantly doing overhead work as a part of your job.
  • Correct your posture when sitting, walking, standing, and sleeping. Remember that many cases of nerve-related problems are the result of posture issues.