Shoulder Pain When Lifting The Arm | Causes & Treatment Options

2. Rotator cuff injuries:

Rotator cuff sprains and tears are the most common cause of shoulder pain among young patients who actively do weightlifting at the gym. Rotator cuff injuries are also common among athletes who play contact sports such as football, hockey, and basketball. They are injuries to the tendons and muscles that move the shoulder. The tendons can become completely torn or detached from the bone.

This can occur due to an overuse injury, trauma, or another event. It can also be caused by a bone spur that is pressing on the rotator cuff. The pain often comes from the shoulder blade and is usually worse when you are lying down or sleeping on the affected side; and some patients can have a very severe problem and compromise their shoulder movement altogether.

So, if you have a lot of pain in your shoulder after working out or receiving a direct hit, your doctor will probably try to rule out a rotator cuff injury. These cases are usually not relieved only by resting and taking painkillers. Thus, we encourage you to come to the doctor and talk to them about your symptoms.