Shoulder Pain When Lifting The Arm | Causes & Treatment Options

5. Cervical spinal nerve compression:

As the name implies, cervical spinal nerve compressions occur when the neck’s spinal nerves are pinched between the muscles and bones of the neck. This condition is most common in people who have had previous neck injuries and those with baseline problems with the spinal cord. It may also happen in patients with severe posture or spinal deformity problems. C

ervical spinal nerve compressions are often overlooked as a possible cause of shoulder pain because they are not as common as the ailments mentioned above. However, it has some characteristics, signs, and symptoms you won’t find elsewhere. As it happens with most nerve compression syndromes, this one will also trigger referred and radiating pain, and patients often experience tingling and numbness in their upper extremities.

It is essential to get a diagnosis because you may need to change your lifestyle if you want to control pain. You may need to do some exercises to improve your posture and strengthen your neck muscles. You may also need to avoid any activities that could cause your neck muscles to become tight.