Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) | All You Need to Know About Rheumatoid Arthritis

2) Cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular diseases are reported to be a probable consequence of untreated rheumatoid arthritis. Many cardiologists believe that rheumatoid arthritis patients are significantly more likely to develop heart problems such as congestive heart failure (CHF). Rheumatoid has become one of the most serious cardiovascular risk factors. Recent studies have estimated that the risk of experiencing a heart attack for RA patients is almost twice more than that for normal people.

The relation between rheumatoid arthritis and cardiovascular disorders are not fully clear. However, many doctors claim that the irritated immune system develops antibodies against the pericardium (layer covering the heart) leading to inflammation in the cardiac tissue. It is assumed that patients with rheumatoid arthritis cannot exercise or do their daily activities, so they are more susceptible to getting obese which increases their risk of developing a cardiac disease. Rheumatologists always recommend managing chronic diseases to control RA symptoms.