Meningitis Symptoms; 11 Most Important Signs & Symptoms

Light sensibility

This is a common symptom in infants and adults, and it counts as a sign of meningeal involvement. Light sensitivity results from an irritation to the nervous system, and it is a common sign to look for in infants. It is also known as photophobia because children would immediately close their eyes or turn away their gaze when there’s bright light. Adult patients report discomfort maintaining their eyes open and they prefer keeping the curtains shut to reduce sunlight in their room.

Light sensitivity is common in various diseases, and most of them are not serious, For example, it is common in conjunctivitis, contact lent irritation, and sunburn. It is also common in cases of rabies, botulism, and severe cases of detached retina. Therefore, you might need the opinion of a health professional and a complete physical exam to figure out what is happening and what is triggering this problem.

Besides photophobia, some patients may also report something called phonophobia, which is a similar sensitivity to sounds. These patients feel annoyed in the streets and loud places and need to stay away from them to relieve their headache.