Meningitis Symptoms; 11 Most Important Signs & Symptoms

Skin rash

There are various skin manifestations of meningitis, and it often appears as a hemorrhagic skin rash dispersed all over the legs and trunk, palms and soles. Patients with severe rash may also have red spots on their mucous membranes, and even the white portion of the eyes. It is often difficult to recognize when patients have a darker skin tone.

Some cases of meningitis are associated with viral diseases with their own skin manifestations, as it happens with herpes zoster virus, measles, coxsackievirus, and some enteroviruses. All of them may give rise to different patterns of skin rash that should be recognized in each case. In infants, skin rash can be very important to identify many different infections. However, there are extra signs and symptoms that may help parents identify meningitis symptoms, even in infants and very small children.