Mammogram | Everything You Need to Know About Mammograms

How much does a mammogram cost in the USA?

The cost of a mammogram

Before discussing pricing, it should be emphasized that mammograms are without a doubt worth the financial cost. This is a relatively cheap investigation with the potential to save a life. If we remember that one in eight women are afflicted with and may potentially lose their lives because of breast cancer, getting annual mammograms becomes a no brainer.

The financial aspect of mammography depends on whether or not the patient has insurance. It should also be added that 3 dimensional mammography costs a bit more than a standard 2 dimensional mammogram, and insurance may not necessarily cover the former.

For those with insurance: Medicare, Medicaid, and most insurance companies cover screening mammograms for women 40 years or older with no out of pocket costs.

For those without an insurance: The price varies according to the selected facility, so it helps to shop around. The prices may vary from $80 up to $200.