Hepatitis | What It Is, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and More


Hepatitis could be avoided easily by following simple instructions and a few lifestyle modifications. Firstly cut off eating fast food as much as possible, instead eat fresh homemade meals. Hepatitis viruses are not killed by freezing so make sure to wash fruits and vegetables properly. Boil unpasteurized milk for at least a minute before using it. Physical activities and exercising boost your immunity against infections and lower the risks of catching viruses. Physicians always recommend stopping alcohol to avoid a lot of undesired complications as liver cirrhosis. Try not to get sexually in touch with a partner who is suspected to have viral hepatitis without using protection.

Is there a vaccine for viral hepatitis? Vaccinations against HAV and HBV are available for people at high risk of infection as healthcare providers, chefs, and waiters. However, they are available for anyone in some countries. HCV vaccine is under clinical trials and researches therefore it isn’t available for the public yet. HBV vaccine has more than 95% efficacy and it is taken as 3 shots with a seven-month interval between the first and the last shot. HAV vaccine is taken as two shots six months apart. Hepatitis A vaccine is highly effective as 94 out of 100 get immunized for many years against HAV after the first dose only.