Anemia; 13 Warning Signs & Symptoms of Anemia

Yellow Skin

Paleness or pale coloring of the skin of the palms and soles and inside of the lower eyelids can indicate iron deficiency anemia. Many people who experience tiredness also exhibit yellowing of the conjunctiva and the skin. The hemoglobin present in red blood cells gives blood its red color and the skin its vibrant, red hue. Therefore, low levels of hemoglobin during iron deficiency anemia make the blood less red and causes the skin to lose its healthy, rosy color in affected people.

This paleness can be limited to one area or it can appear all over the body, such as the gums, face, lower eyelids, inside of the lips and even the nail beds. This is usually one of the first signs physicians will look for as an indication of iron deficiency. Paleness is typically seen in moderate or severe cases of iron deficiency, so, it should be confirmed with a blood test.

You can also check this sign at home. Just pull your lower eyelid down and see the inside layer of the eyelid. It should be vibrant, red in color. Paleness or yellowing of this layer may symbolize iron deficiency anemia. The other method is the comparison of your hands (palms) with that of your family member or a friend. If you have an iron deficiency, the color of your palms will be yellow-pink instead of bright red compared to the person you are matching your palms.