Anemia; 13 Warning Signs & Symptoms of Anemia

Heavy or Irregular Periods

This sign of anemia is specific to women and mostly involve females during menstruation. The most common cause of anemia in menstruating women are uterine fibroids, which are further divided into 3 types depending on their location in the uterus. The intramural fibroids, a subtype of fibroids, often cause extremely painful, heavy periods. Women with irregularity in their periods, painful menstruation and heavy intramenstrual bleeding should consult their doctor, especially in the presence of other symptoms of the anemia such as lethargy, paleness of the skin and heart palpitations.

Besides uterine fibroids, the deficiency of blood clotting factors due to other body conditions can also lead to heavy menstrual cycles. A regular and chronic loss of blood can not only cause anemia, but also worsens its associated signs and symptoms such as tiredness and weakness.