Triple-negative Breast Cancer | Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment and More

Triple negative breast cancer symptoms

The symptoms caused by triple negative breast cancer are the same as the ones that are caused by other breast cancer types. Thus, these manifestations can be divided into three groups: The first group concerns the symptoms caused by the presence of the cancer at its original location inside the breast tissue. Group number two is about the symptoms caused by the swelling as a result of its spread or metastasis to far away body sites. The third and final group of symptoms includes the effects caused by the cancer on the whole body as a result of the chemical substances that the tumor synthesizes within its cells.

Symptoms caused by the tumor at its primary location include breast pain, the feeling of the presence a lump or mass within the breast, an abnormal discharge or secretion from the nipple, the turning inwards of the nipple, or any other visible physical deformity altering the breast’s shape.

Triple negative breast cancer metastasis can cause a variety of symptoms, which depend on the location to which the tumor has spread. For example, breast cancer that spreads to the bone can cause bony pain and swelling, as well as a propensity for fractures even after minor trauma. A tumor that metastasizes to the lungs may cause difficult breathing and coughing up blood. It is very difficult to diagnose a metastatic tumor without a radiological study and an tissue biopsy.

Lastly, breast cancer whether triple negative or not, can cause the patient to have a fever, become fatigued and worn out, and to sweat profusely at night, in addition to the symptoms caused by any hormones created by the tumor cells’ protein synthesizing machinery.