Sinusitis | Symptoms, Types, Diagnosis & Treatment of Sinusitis

Diagnosis of sinusitis

A physical examination and specific tests may be recommended to diagnose sinusitis, such as a CT scan or an MRI. During a physical exam, a doctor may examine the nose and throat for signs of inflammation and listen to the patient’s lungs and chest for any wheezing or crackles. The doctor may also look for fluid behind the eardrum, as well as signs of allergic rhinitis, which can cause similar symptoms to sinusitis.

Other tests that may be performed to diagnose sinusitis include imaging tests such as a CT scan or an MRI. These tests can help the doctor see if the sinuses are full of fluid or if there is any obstruction in the nasal passages. Other tests, such as nasal endoscopy or a nasal swab to obtain a sample of nasal secretions, may also be performed. Laboratory tests, such as a microbiological culture, may also be recommended. This can help to identify which bacteria or fungus is causing the infection.