Shoulder Arthritis | Types, Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment of Shoulder Arthritis

4. Crepitus (a crunching sound):

Crepitus in the shoulders is a common problem in patients with shoulder arthritis. The disease affects the cartilage and bone in your shoulders, and they are there to cushion other structures from rubbing together. Crepitus is one of the primary symptoms when you start losing the cushions in your articulations. It’s usually a result of inflammation or degeneration of the cartilage that holds your shoulder joint together.

Crepitus sounds like a grinding noise when you move your shoulder, and it is often accompanied by a burning feeling and pain. It is sometimes very loud, but other times, it is only felt or heard by you and when others place their hands on your shoulder while you move your arms.

Crepitus does not always mean you have a joint problem in your shoulders. Many other structures around the joint can give you a similar snapping sound once in a while. Thus, if you constantly have this problem and it is associated with shoulder pain, you probably want to talk to your doctor to rule out shoulder arthritis and other chronic shoulder conditions.