Shoulder Arthritis | Types, Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment of Shoulder Arthritis

Signs and Symptoms of Shoulder Arthritis

This joint disease can cause significant discomfort, mainly when you use your arms for daily activities. If you suffer from either of the conditions mentioned above, you might have some of the following signs and symptoms:

1. Pain in the shoulder area:

Pain in your shoulders is definitely one of the most important symptoms. It is usually what makes people come to the doctor’s office and sometimes the emergency room to find a solution. Shoulder arthritis usually features pain for long periods of time, and the only exception is septic arthritis (arthritis due to infectious disease in the shoulder), which starts soon after the infection ensues and can be relieved with antibiotic treatment and painkillers.

People with shoulder arthritis avoid activities that require using their arms and hands because they hurt so much. They probably cannot reach things on higher shelves and will have trouble performing everyday activities. This pain sometimes comes and goes, and they often experience flare-ups with excessive symptomatic involvement in periods of stress and tension. During outbreaks, the painful articulation can become red, tender to the touch, and swollen. This may mean that the shoulder joint is inflamed, and you’re probably also experiencing muscle pain around the shoulder.