10 Signs of Pulmonary Embolism; Pulmonary Embolism Symptoms


Another symptom that is commonly reported in patients with pulmonary embolism is lightheadedness. Patients may feel muscular weakness, difficulty in concentrating, dizziness and tiredness. These symptoms are mainly caused by a lack of oxygen that starts affecting the central nervous system. These symptoms are more common in patients with an underlying health problem, primarily concerning the respiratory system or the central nervous system. However, it is likely to appear in any patient with or without these specific antecedents.

However, lightheadedness is not a primary symptom of pulmonary embolism, and we should look for another explanation if there is no respiratory symptom or chest pain. Remember that most of the accompanying symptoms of a pulmonary embolism are the result of an impaired respiratory function, which should serve as a guide for the diagnosis.