Pain In The Lower Left Back – What Causes The Pain & How To Treat It?


Symptoms for lower left back pain can be anything starting from severe pain, burning, numbness or extreme discomfort to the left side of the body. It depends on the severity of the disorder and the cause of the pain. It can be outcome of some serious adverse issue or just the result of some temporary condition. Whatever it is, the most common symptoms include:

  • Feeling of unusual weakness in the lower regions of the body
  • Sensation of tingly feelings in the left sides of the lower back portions
  • Nausea or vomiting conditions in most common cases
  • Individuals also complain to fall short of breathe
  • Dizziness is another common symptom
  • Fevers and chills due to acute pain to the bones are common
  • Confusion in general
  • If the pain is due to other medical conditions of the abdominal organs, individuals generally have experiences of painful urination. In extreme cases, bloodied urination is also a sign.
  • Incontinence is another common sign for people suffering from lower left back pains.

If you suffer from any one or more than one of the following conditions for more than a few days, you must immediately consider consulting with your physician as negligence can bring in more adverse effects to your overall health.