Pain In The Lower Left Back – What Causes The Pain & How To Treat It?

Lower left back pain has been one of the most widely spread reasons for individuals to seek medical support. Some may suffer constant miseries while others may suffer fluctuating aches. The intensity and severity is dependent on the cause of the pain and asks for different treatment options.


While there are a lot of reasons for an individual to suffer from lower left back main, there are some common issues. That includes:

  • Damage to the soft tissues of the body including the supporting muscles and ligaments for the spine

These include strains and pulls to the lower back muscles caused due to overuse or overstretch due to some activities. It also includes sprain to the ligaments, inflammation or muscle spasms.

  • Physical injury caused to the spinal column including the joints or discs

It is the most common cause of lower left back pain in individuals caused due to the affect of a lot of issues including herniated discs in the lumbar regions, medical conditions such as osteoarthritis in the facet joints of the spinal column or a general dis-function in the sacroiliac joint of the column. While all the factors have their own causes that lead to the disorder, they collectively contribute to the same cause, lower left back pain in the individuals.

  • Medical conditions that affect the internal organs including intestines, kidney and the organs of the reproductive system

It is another one of the common reasons for lower back pains in individuals that are not totally under our control. It can be caused due to any disturbances in the abdominal organs including infections in the kidneys, stones in the bile gland or kidneys, infections in the pancreas, ulcer infections in the colitis and even gynecological issues in females including endometriosis and formation of fibroids in their reproductive organs.