All You Should Know About Inverted Nipples and If It Can Be Corrected

Inverted nipples in men

Inverted nipples occur in men as in women, nearly 10% of the men population have inverted or flat nipples. And the cause of this condition is as in women, a fibrous tissue in breast tissue that pulls the nipple inward. Or secondary to gynecomastia, in which enlargement of mammary glands is the cause of the problem.

Some experts recommend nipples piercing for aesthetic reasons only. But still, the permanent cure is in plastic correction surgery with swifter recovery for men than women.

Remember, inverted nipples are not a defect, it is a normal variant and does not carry any harmful effect on your health or normal functions.

According to genetics experts, your nipples are inverted because your genes decided that. And they are common in women and men too.

Do not panic over your inverted nipples, as this does not mean you have cancer, but if these changes happened recently or accompanied with other breast changes, seek medical advice

And finally, if you do not like the shape of your nipples, there are a lot of available solutions and you can choose what is best for you.