All You Should Know About Inverted Nipples and If It Can Be Corrected

How to fix an inverted nipple?

In most cases, inverted nipples do not require any intervention. However, in some cases, the appearance of the retracted nipple causes low self-esteem, and treating this condition for aesthetic purposes helps.  Also, inverted nipples may interfere or even prevent breastfeeding.

According to the severity of nipples inversion, the cases are classified into three grades:

  1. Grade I: the inverted nipples are easily pulled and projected, and this can last for a while. In this grade breastfeeding is not a problem and as it is believed to have minimal fibrosis, it can be fixed by non-surgical procedures.
  2. Grade II: the inverted nipples can be pulled but it retracts right back and cannot hold its this grade, the fibrosis is intermediate, though it may slightly interfere with breastfeeding and they may benefit from surgical correction.
  3. Grade III: in this grade, the nipples cannot be pulled and requires surgical intervention to fix