High-Cholesterol Foods : Which to Eat, Which to Avoid

3. Fried foods

Frying is a popular method in food preparation, and many restaurants worldwide prefer this method as it is an expensive and quick method. You can fry any food, but the most popular fried foods include French fries, chicken strips, deep-fried meats, cheese sticks, and fish.

Fried foods are rich in calories, trans fats, and cholesterol. Frying adds too many calories to the foods; for example, 100 grams of French fries provides 17 grams of fat and 319 calories, while 100 grams of baked potato provides 93 calories and no fats. This composition of fried foods makes it unhealthy and raises the risk of heart diseases, hypertension, obesity, and diabetes. Thus, we should avoid these foods as possible and advise the people around us, especially our children and students, to avoid these foods also.