How To Know If I Have an Ear Infection? 10 Ear Infection Symptoms

Pus-like drainage

The eardrum is perforated in middle ear infections because there’s growing tension in the area. The middle ear is a sealed compartment containing tiny structures for the transmission of sound. During middle ear infections, this compartment is filled with pus, blood, and other inflammatory fluids. Thus, pus drainage is common, especially when the eardrum has been perforated. In outer ear infections, you may also notice a clear liquid coming out of your ears, and you may need a complete check-up with a special tool to look at the inside of your ear if you want to know where does this fluid come from and what can you do about it. Sometimes, you would start having this pus drainage while pain symptoms improve by themselves. It is not meant to be a relieving sign but all of the contrary. When that happens, it is likely because the eardrum has been perforated and the pressure in your middle ear, which was causing you pain, has been released. But the infection remains the same, and may become worse without medications. Thus, do not delay your diagnosis and remember how close the ear is to your brain. Your healthcare professional will be able to help you control the disease and ease your symptoms.