How To Know If I Have an Ear Infection? 10 Ear Infection Symptoms

Having an earache is not a common symptom, but almost all of us have experienced this type of problem before, especially during childhood. Anyone experiencing an acute ear infection will be able to tell how symptoms become unbearable, and they may even compare to those arising from a decayed tooth. However, there are different types of ear infections, and each one of them has a different set of signs and symptoms.

That’s why in this article we have included the most common signs and symptoms associated with ear infections, and after reading carefully you will realize how different it is to have an infection in your outer ear, middle ear and inner ear, and how could you tell which one is affecting you.

You may have an ear infection and require medical assistance if you start having one or more of these symptoms:


Inflammation is a common event in every type of infection. It is the result of the immune reaction against the invading agents, but sometimes it is not visible. In ear infections, swelling is only visible when the problem is located in the outer ear; this is outside of the eardrum. In this case, patients usually report swelling and tenderness when touching the ear and the surrounding area. Changes of color are common as well, and your ear might start turning red. These are symptoms of an outer ear infection, and it is not likely to appear in middle ear or inner ear infections. In some cases, you would be able to see a furuncle, and sometimes it is related to widespread infection in the area called cellulitis. Most of these conditions require topical antibiotics drops, but in some advanced cases, you might need another approach.