Cluster Headaches; Symptoms, Causes, Treatment & Relief

Cluster Headaches Treatment

Just as a specific cause of cluster headaches is yet to be established, there is no specific treatment. However, there is impressive progress in the medical field with regards to therapy for this type of headache.

Acute treatment

Cluster headaches come suddenly and the pain intensifies rapidly; painkillers may not be helpful because of the quick rise in pain. Within 10 minutes of an attack, the pain is usually unbearable. Treating cluster headaches requires efficient techniques; the excruciating pain should subside in at least 20 minutes otherwise you won’t settle or do anything else.

Most over the counter painkillers take long to wok; they cannot match the intensity of these headaches.


Inhaling oxygen at a rate of 12 liters per minute can guarantee you relief within 15 minutes. So far, it is the most effective method of dealing with acute cluster headaches. If you are already using an oxygen pump, you need to consult with your doctor to double your prescription. There is no short cut to oxygen tanks, your doctor has to send a Home Oxygen Order Form to deliver an oxygen tank as per the specifications to your home. Also, the doctor has to share details of your conditions and specifications of your oxygen needs with supplier; the information is protected under Data Protection Act.

Sumatriptan injections

The medication reduces pain within 10 minutes. While there are tablets of the same brand, an injection is more powerful.

Preventive treatment

There are numerous option when it comes to preventive techniques on cluster headaches. Typically, a doctor will advise you to take the medication on the onset of an attack and continue with the same dosage two weeks later after the attack. If a new bout begins, you need to restart the medication. Common preventive drugs include; Ergotamine, Methysergide, Verapamil, and Lithium.