Alzheimer’s Disease | Symptoms & Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease

The clinical picture of Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease symptoms

As with everything in our body, the brain shows some weakness with age. This weakness appears in the form of slow thinking and temporary memory problems. But, severe memory problems and progressive deterioration in the mental function aren’t natural consequences of aging. In Alzheimer’s, we have the following symptoms:

1. Memory loss:

Memory affection is the main feature of Alzheimer’s. Natural people may have temporary lapses in memory, such as forgetting the place of keys. But, in Alzheimer’s, memory loss persists and worsens over time, which impairs the daily activities at work and home. Those patients:

  • repeat questions and conversations over and over because they forget them
  • get lost in familiar places
  • forget appointments and events and don’t remember them later
  • forget the names of family members and friends
  • forget the names of everyday objects and their usual locations (he put them in unusual places)
  • can’t find suitable words to express his thoughts, define the ordinary things, and can’t share in conversation

Memory problems start with difficulty remembering the newly learned information, then worsen over time.