Sinus Headache; Symptoms, Causes, Treatment & Relief

Sinus Headache Treatment

The goal of treatment in sinus headaches is to relieve the symptoms and eliminate the infection causing it. Antihistamines and decongestants are vital solutions. The alternatives such as inhaled nasal decongestants should be used for a short time. Using them for more than 3 days more cause more complications and make the pain worse. Most people only use pain relievers, which may only work for mild problems. Easing the inflammation in the sinuses requires corticosteroids prescriptions. For allergic reactions causing the sinus congestion, you will need preventive treatment alternatives.

Home solutions such as drinking more fluids, using a humidifier, or saltwater nasal sprays can be quick and safe alternatives. Home solutions are best for the long term because they are safe and do not come with side effects. If you have been using medication for a long time, sudden changes to your options is not recommendable. In such cases, reveal to your doctor your medical history and explain how you have been treating the sinus headaches. Sudden changes in your medication may cause rapid changes in your blood pressure. In the extreme cases, sinus surgery to remove polyps will be recommended.