Shoulder Joint Replacement | All You Need to Know About Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Medical evaluation before shoulder replacement surgery

Patients must be carefully selected before they undergo any of these procedures. The medical evaluation includes a thorough examination of the affected shoulder.

The surgeon will need to determine the amount of bone loss, joint space, and soft tissue damage. They will also need to determine if the patient has osteoporosis or any other conditions that may affect the outcome of the surgery. It is also fundamental to make sure that surgery is not dangerous for you.

Thus, you will probably need the following exams:

    • A physical exam to measure stability, strength, range of motion, and other aspects of the shoulder joint.
    • A simple radiography to evaluate the shape of the bone ends, the joint space in-between, and the amount and shape of cartilage.
    • Other tests when there are further doubts about the nervous and soft tissue components, including a CT scan and an MRI.
    • A set of preoperative tests to determine if your cardiovascular and respiratory systems can withstand the stress of surgery.