Migraine; Symptoms, Causes, Treatment & Relief

It is not a headache if it is recurring or persists for days. Migraines tend to be more severe. There are warning signs that if overlooked can lead to serious health complications. Most people suffer from Migraines and do not know it. Causes of migraines vary from environmental, emotional to biological elements.

Unlike ordinary headaches, migraines are often on one side of the head. Typically, it begins with sensory disturbances then pain. While everyone is prone to migraines, people between age 15 and 55 are more affected.

Ignorance about this sensory condition leads to downfall of many people, which could be managed. It is important to acquaint with the facts.

Facts on Migraines

Not everyone gets the warning sign before a migraine. Also, the signs are not similar; symptoms differ widely.

Most migraines are linked to environmental triggers including extreme light, dust and other allergies. Stress is also trigger of migraines.

Over The Counter drugs are effective in reducing migraine effect. They may not be preventive but will surely decrease the pain and sometimes curb it for several days or weeks.

Regular and severe attacks can be managed with preventive drugs.

It is possible to notice the signs and act on them before the situation escalates; it is the best way to manage full-blown attacks.