Knee Replacement (KR) | All You Need to Know About Knee Replacement Surgery

How long to recover from a knee replacement?

Rehab may take from 4 months up to one year to fully return to your lifestyle. Physical therapists usually divide rehabilitation into three stages:

  1. From surgery to week 3, patients will need to use a CPM (continuous passive motion) machine. They will have to get used to walking using assistive devices like walkers, and canes.
  2. From week 4 to week 9, patients usually can walk on their own without assistance. Rehab during this stage includes strengthening their upper leg muscles and improving the patient’s balance by standing on one foot for as long as possible.
  3. The last stage from week 10 to the end of rehab. This stage is just restoring your daily routine with time to time visits to your physical therapist. Keep in mind to avoid pushing yourself too far to keep your implanted joint as long as possible.