Hip Pain In Today’s Life – What Causes It & How To Fight?

Hip pains tend to be one of the most common issues that are turning out to be an epidemic in current times. Constricting your movements to snatching out your ease and comfort – hip joints can turn your daily life upside down. Being the largest of all the body joints, it consists of a ball and socket joint responsible to connect the pelvis with the femur. Let us look into some of the most common reasons that are causing so many people to suffer from the condition and seek professional help to deal with it.

Main causes of hip pain

The design of the hip joint ensures fluid movement, thus allowing the individual to sustain repeated motions, strains, and wear and tear of the muscles. Some examples include making a run for a bus or jumping on to board it. But it is then when the muscles and the soft tissues in the region including the tendons and ligaments suffer the stress from the repetition of movements, especially with rising age that hip pains start taking the toll. There can be a lot of factors that bring in hip pain in individuals. Some of them may be common among the patients while some can be exclusive to a particular case. Some of the common reasons of hip pain include:

1. Arthritis

Arthritis is known to be the most common reason for people suffering from hip pain. It is medical condition that comes with age in most cases. Elders tend to suffer from arthritis when there is degeneration in their hip region. The more severe the degeneration is the more severe is the pain. It is of prime importance to intervene early and treat the pain arising due to arthritis in the hip to prevent too much damage. Arthritis can be of multiple types such as inflammatory, non-inflammatory, infectious and so on.

2. Capsulitis

This is caused mainly when the sac that surrounds the hip joints suffers inflammation or gets tight. The movement range of the hips gets constricted due tightness of the sac. If steps are not taken to stretch the capsule and releasing it the buttock region can get affected by attacks of chronic pain. Trauma can even induce the founding reasons for capsulitis.

3. Strain on the groin

Straining any muscle of the groin can severely affect the stability of the individual’s hip joints. When the joint becomes unstable, it can bring out extreme strains to the inner sides of the joint. This induces the pain. The individuals suffer from hip pain alone if the tear or strain on the muscle of the groin is deep enough. In other cases, patients tend to suffer from groin pain as well.

4. Lower Back

The region of the lower back is supplied with a huge number of nerves that can cause pains in the hip. This may be something has caused the nerves to get damaged or impinged by any means. It may be one of the most confusing questions that how the lower back can affect hip pains, but it really does. The pain may have its roots in that region. In many cases, hip pain may just get cured without any treatment of the hip region but treating the lower back to allow a faster recovery.

5. Other medical conditions

Some of the other conditions that can lead to hip pains include fracture or sprain that may directly or indirectly affect the area, avascular necrosis and hematoma. Apart from these, Gaucher’s disease, iliotibial band syndrome, sciatica and muscle strains can also induce the sufferings from hip pains.

It is based on the reason of the pain that it can be temporary, permanent or chronic.